Norfolk Coast and the Broads Landscape Photography

One-2-One with Dibs

How hill on the Norfolk broads during a photography workshop at sunset with a fire red sky and refelction on the water

Norfolk Coast and the broads Landscape Photography One-2-One,

Is it for me?

After being asked numerous times ‘will you ever be running a  One-2-One session’ I have decided to do just that. Just get in contact before booking to arrange a suitable date and we will take it from there.

This workshop is aimed at anybody who has a very basic understanding of the manual controls on their DSLR/CSC camera, right through to people who know how to use their camera and just want to improve their photographic practice.

Where will the workshop start?

We can either start at a predetermined location that is convenient for you, or the session can start at Dibs’s house, you can then be driven in his car for the duration of the 1-2-1 session.

Just let me know what way you prefer when booking, or enquire beforehand to arrange the date of the session as well.

How do I teach on the Norfolk Coast Landscape Photography One-2-One?

This is a day filled with landscape photography tuition out on location, followed by a Cafe lunch and finishing with a short editing and printing session in the warmth of Dibs’s editing suite back in Norwich with a kettle and some snacks nearby.

Once we have finished editing we will then chose from a variety of paper stock and print out your favorite image of the day, so you will get to see the whole photography progress from thinking about what to shoot right through to holding the finished print

The session will focus on the landscapes in the well-known areas of the Norfolk coast and Broads depending on the start location.

This is a specialist one student to one tutor session. So you know you will get all the help that is needed to maximize your learning from the day.

The day will be tailored around your needs, so in brief, you will have somebody to show you what to look out for in creating those perfect images before you have even got the camera out of the camera bag.

All day while shooting we will be discussing the theory behind making work, what stands out and what sells, what makes a good image and how can we get that image we see into our cameras.

Please bring along snacks and drinks as due to the locations we will be shooting having limited facilities. There will not be the guarantee of a shop being nearby at all times.

We will stop for a hot drink and a bite to eat at some point throughout the day.

Will you need any filters?

We will be able to lend you a very basic ND and Grad kit. This will allow you to experiment with different effects under expert guidance, but if you are interested in landscape photography we would encourage you to invest in a more substantial setup. We can advise you in what kit to get as it can be a little daunting looking at what you may or may not need.

We also have a discount code for buying filters.

You can get an automatic 10% of all filters on the Formatt-Hitech Filterssite by using the code DIBSM10 at the checkout.

 We will email you all the specific details about locations after booking,  but if you have any questions before booking then please do get in contact

Essential kit

DSLR Camera

Spare Batteries and memory cards

Wide angle lens

Sturdy tripod

Lens cleaning kit

Camera bag

Warm and cool clothes

Food and drink

Sturdy footwear

Change for car parking

Optional kit

Cable or radio release for shutter

ND and Grad filter kit (We highly recommend this to maximize on the day)

Polarizer filter


Booking is confirmed once full payment has been received via our checkout system.

You will receive a email 2-3 days before the start date of the workshop, this is to confirm the starting location because we need to plan and amend finer details. Please keep an eye on your spam folder as sometimes the first email we send you can end up in there


Up to 4 weeks prior to the event and will receive a full refund less administration fees incurred.

Within the 4 week period prior to the event, we will unfortunately only be able to refund if we manage to fill your place with another participant.

Please also note

The locations we visit on the Norfolk Coast Landscape Photography One-2-One, unfortunately, may require the purchase of a car park ticket. Please make sure you have adequate change.

Please bring along food and drink, sensible footwear for walking on unpaved pathways and suitable clothing.

The session will require a relatively good fitness level as we will be walking on unmade paths and coastal areas.

Camera insurance is not included in the price

Don’t forget to charge your batteries. Make sure that you have sufficient space on your memory cards for a day’s shooting.

We have the means to charge up a spare battery for you on the day. So bring along your camera battery charger and let us know if you need to plug it in.

We look forward to meeting you on the day of the Norfolk Coast Landscape Photography One-2-One.

Kind Regards,

Through The Lens Workshops