Lens Heaters for Night Photography

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Our lens heater product is designed to prevent condensation forming on your camera lens.  This is an important factor whilst you are shooting between the hours of dusk and dawn or in high humidity environments.  The heater band provides a low temperature and constant heat source around the lens body.  The primary objective was to be a lightweight and highly portable yet effective product.  These have been trialled successfully over a 12 month period and are now available for purchase in complete kit form or as individual items.

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Heater Band Details

Designed for use with a wide range of camera lenses commonly used for AstroScape photography.

Constructed with a lightweight waterproof material.

Integral adjustable velcro attachment to secure to lens body.

Supplied with two heat pads as standard with a USB connector.

Four pockets to retain heat pads for use in extreme conditions.

Additional heat pads available separately.

Compatible with disposable hand warmers.

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USB Power Pack Details

The supplied USB power pack has a 10,000 mAh capacity, sufficient to power two heat pads for up to 5-6 hours, or up to 3 hours if you are using 4 heat pads (cold ambient air temperature may also reduce this time).

Dual USB outputs.  One rated at 2.4A, the other 1A.

2A input for charging via USB.

Inbuilt LED torch.

IP66 waterproof and dustproof rating.


USB Charging cables.

Caribener clip to secure or suspend.

18 month manufacturer warranty.

* * Product currently shipping with a free additional extended 12 month warranty **


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Product Dimensions

Heater Band Dimensions:  The heater band holder is 300mm in length and 80mm wide.  The Velcro attachment is 70mm x 50mm.

Heat Pad Cable Length: 1.5 metres.

USB Power Pack dimensions: 117mm x 72mm x 238mm.


Do not waste valuable shooting time by allowing condensation to form on your lens.  With clear nights a constant challenge for all night sky photography why risk ruining a time lapse or star trail?  Avoid the disappointment of loosing all or part of an entire shoot and order yours today.

Recommended if you are attending one of our Night Sky Workshops (select collect during the checkout process and we will bring them on the night to save on postage).

*Please allow up to two working days for dispatch of product from placement of order*

Purchase Options

Complete Kit, Heater Band Only, Heat Pads Only