Workshop info

How our photography workshops run

Our photography workshops are for all levels from beginners to experienced photographers, we will cover all aspects of digital photography explaining the fundamentals such as exposure, metering, camera settings, image composition and lens choice where required or cover more advanced techniques such as the use of filters, exposure and focus bracketing for the more experienced photographer. During the sessions, we also cover more advanced techniques and also give tips on software for editing and how to use it.

We like to keep the group sizes to a manageable size to ensure that there is plenty of time to assist each participant and what stands us out from other photography workshops is that with multiple instructors, we are able to form smaller groups based on levels of experience to ensure that you receive tuition in the areas that are most beneficial to you maximising the knowledge you will take away with you.

We plan our workshops carefully to coincide with the optimum times and conditions for the locations selected.  Whether this is tide state, sunset or sunrise time and position and the knowledge we use to achieve this will be passed on during the workshop.

2 of our tutors are St Johns Ambulance 1st aid at work trained and we have public liability events insurance. Please note that the insurance does not cover your camera equipment. Please be careful with your equipment, we always recommend having your equipment insured with a professional Photographic insurance company and not just covered under your home insurance.

The photography workshops are run by a dedicated team of friends and photographer partners who have helped run and organised some of the most popular workshops in the country that have sold out in a matter of hours. We plan for all outcomes but sometimes weather will beat us and we have to cancel. In this instance, a full refund will be given if the new date that gets arranged is not convenient.

What you will require

With all genres of photography, your equipment list can seem never-ending. We don’t recommend you rush out to buy all the expensive equipment. We rather you learnt how to use what you have correctly, our workshops will make sure you can do that. As your passion and skill set grows you, will learn exactly what bits of gear you need and save yourself wasting money on buying equipment that you don’t need. We are just a message away from offering attendees of our workshops advice on purchases you are about to make.

The essentials bits you will need will be a DSLR  or CSC Camera, spare batteries and memory cards, a tripod, lens and camera bag

A few more little notes

More specific details based on the workshop style will be included within the detail of each advertised workshop.  This will include details of recommended equipment requirements, details around transport, accommodation, food and drink where appropriate. However, should you have a query about the workshop or equipment requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to provide a prompt response to your enquiry.