RAF Coltishall Heritage open days photographers trip.

Saturday 11th September 2021

Arrive at 2:30 pm for a prompt start at 3 pm until Sunset

Through The Lens Workshops are offering you the chance to brush up on your photographic skills in the history-filled Former RAF Coltishall site, just north of the city of Norwich as part of Heritage Open Days.

We have been running these types of walks for many years now and we thought for this years walk we would take a look at a different location.

If you arrive before the 2:30 pm start time, you are welcome to take a tour around the brand new and absolutely fabulous RAF Coltishall Heritage centre that only opened in June 2021, you are welcome to leave the guys who run this a small donation if you wish. If you plan to do this we would really give yourself an extra 1-2 hours to check this out, as there are a lot of amazing exhibits inside.

The photography photo walk will follow a route that will incorporate some of the stunning architecture and historical points of the site.

We aim to photograph the WW2 pens, bomb stores, hangers, control towers, blast walls, runway and whatever else looks rather cool.

We will be walking around a fair bit of the perimeter of the base, so you will need to have a relatively good level of fitness and be able to carry your own equipment during the session.


Please do note, this is not a dedicated history tour, nor a dedicated photo workshop, it is a Photowalk that the organiser’s (Dibs and Duncan) have a mutual interest in hence making this happen.

This being said, we are always on hand to offer some advice if you are wanting to improve your photography during the session.

On the day please enter via the Old Site main entrance and follow the instructions to park from either the security guards or Dibs or Duncan.

You will be met by one of the staff or tutors at the old guardhouse. Please arrive at 2:30 pm for your trip to start promptly at 3 pm.

If you are late you will unfortunately miss the tour, we can’t wait for you.

Please note the following before booking

This is a trip for photographers to attend, it is not just a jolly wander around with your mobile phone.

You will need to sign in upon arrival.

You can only book one ticket at a time per email.

If your name is not on the list, unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend the tour.

If you are attending in place of somebody else, this needs to be confirmed by email with us at admin@throughthelensworkshops.co.uk

If you wander off from the rest of the group or behave disrespectfully towards the site and other users of the site, security will have to be called and you will be escorted off the site.

The address for the site is Scottow Enterprise Park, Lamas Road, Badersfield, Norwich NR10 5JR

Please follow the signs for Scottow enterprise park and park outside the heritage centre of wherever you are directed to.

There is no waiting list or reserve list for this event.



Essential kit

DSLR Camera

Spare Batteries and memory cards

Wide-angle lens

Sturdy tripod

Lens cleaning kit

Camera bag

Appropriate clothing for the weather

Food and drink

Sturdy footwear

Optional kit

Cable or radio release for the shutter


Booking is confirmed once an email has been received via our checkout system.

Your email confirmation is your ticket, please screenshot or print this to check in on the day


Due to COVID, group sizes will be appropriately sized and social distancing will be required throughout the session, please bring anti-bac gel or wipes and a face mask if you wish to wear one.
If you are feeling unwell at all, please let us know and please don’t attend the workshop.

Please also note

As always our attendee’s safety is our highest priority, we are always following the latest government advice,  we always have our own hand sanitiser and wipes with us, it would be nice if you could adhere to the same advice, please.

The RAF Coltishall tour will require a relatively good fitness level as we will be walking on unmade paths for a prolonged period of time and over a fair distance.

There are very limited toilet facilities.

You are entering the site at your own risk, the tour operator, site owner or Through the lens workshops are not accountable for any loss or damage to your property or injury to yourself or others.

Camera insurance is not included in the price

Don’t forget to charge your batteries. Make sure that you have sufficient space on your memory cards for a day’s shooting.

We look forward to meeting you on the day of the RAF Coltishall tour.

We reserve the right to cancel this event due to adverse weather.

Please ensure you are physically able for the visit;

Kind Regards,

Through The Lens Workshops