Light painting and wire wool workshop

Saturday 14th April 2023

7 pm till 11 pm

Norfolk landscape workshop tree illuminated with flash at night with a blue sky in the fog

The session will start at 7 pm in time for sunset for those that wish to do so, then we can start to look for some subjects to be illuminating and also start to have some fun with wire wool spinning

The idea of light painting has been a constant in our tutors Dibs’ work, ranging in subjects from WW2 bunkers to trees and sand dunes all the way through to underground tunnels, there is plenty you can try with this amazing technique.

A relatively good level of fitness will be required, as throughout the session we will be walking from composition to composition working hard to paint all the structures with light

The workshop will start at 7 pm and will finish around 11 pm.

We will supply hot water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, sugar, milk and spoons so you can have a drink to warm up during the session.

Throughout the light painting and wire wool workshop we will discuss and cover the following:

The benefits of the different equipment to use for shooting in varying conditions and how to use it correctly.

Show you how to use a flash with triggers or Continuous Lighting to illuminate part of the shots.

Cover how to focus in the dark

Looking at compositions and covering what works and what does not work

The importance of ISO

Metering for shots

Setting white balance correctly

How to accomplish wire wool spinning shots

Thinking and talking about safety while shooting at night

Other details


What you will need to bring along :


Cup for a hot drink.

Spare batteries.

Battery charger.

Memory cards with sufficient space.

Wide-angle or standard lens with lens hood.


Torch and spare batteries

Remote shutter release. This is quite important. Please check it works before the session.

Warm clothes and a flask of hot drink


Please wear clothing that you won’t mind getting a tad burnt, as when you are spinning wire wool, small molten bits of metal can burn your clothing, we take no responsibility for any burns to clothing.

Suitable warm clothing and footwear.

We cannot guarantee the weather but the intention is to be shooting outdoors in the elements, we recommend suitable colder-weather gear including a hat and gloves if you feel the cold easily.

Ability Level

This workshop is suitable for all abilities from beginners to experienced photographers.

You will need a moderate fitness level for this workshop. Participants will be walking on undulating terrain with trip hazards due to shooting in the dark.

You will need to be able to work in the colder weather due to the time of night, but if the rain is persistent we will move the workshop date due to the health and safety of the participants being very important to us

Safety note

Due to the slight risk of working with heat in this workshop (the wire wool spinning), we will have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher on hand.

You will be under our guidance, if you don’t believe you can listen to our safety instructions then this workshop will not be for you. Our attendee’s safety is always our top priority.
There will be appropriate PPE in this workshop.


Booking is confirmed once full payment has been received via our checkout system.

You will receive an email 2 days before the start date of the workshop, this is to confirm the starting location because we need to plan and amend finer details. Please keep an eye on your spam folder as sometimes the first email we send you can end up in there.


 If you cancel up to two weeks prior to the date of the workshop event you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel up to one week prior to the date of the workshop event you will receive a 50% refund.

Cancellations received within one week of the date of the workshop event will not be eligible for a refund.

Please also note

The locations we visit may, unfortunately, require the purchase of a car park ticket so please make sure you have adequate change.

This workshop does not cover camera equipment insurance

Please bring along food and drink, sensible footwear for walking on unpaved pathways and suitable clothing for the time of year

Don’t forget to charge your batteries. Make sure that you have sufficient space on your memory cards for a day’s shooting.

If you need to borrow a tripod for the session, please let us know and we will supply you with one.

We very much look forward to meeting you on the night.

Kind Regards,

Through The Lens Workshops

2023-04-14 – Light painting and wire wool workshop. Saturday 14th April 2023