Norwich Night photography photo walk

Wednesday 24th November 7:30 pm

We are offering you the chance to brush up on your photographic skills in the history-filled, fun, bright and busy city with our Norwich Night photography photo walk

The photography photo walk will follow a route that will incorporate some of the stunning architecture and vantage points in Norwich that you may not have thought about shooting from before.

 What is the Norwich Night photography photo walk all about:

This photo walk is aimed at anybody who has a very basic understanding of the manual controls on their DSLR camera, right through to people who know how to use their camera and just want to improve their photographic practice. With professional guidance in a very relaxed atmosphere throughout the workshop, you will learn about composition, getting your images pin-sharp in the dusk going on into dark to make sure every bit of detail stands out, how to create light trails and how to make the most out of natural and artificial light.

Throughout the session, the discussion will take place on the different shooting techniques and the importance of other equipment.

We like to keep our group numbers small, there will be a maximum of 15 participants in the session.

During each session, you will be covering subjects such as architecture, cityscapes, nightscapes, painting with light and light trails. You will also cover various other photography skills.

The session will start at the 1st location at 7:30 pm. We will be finished by 10 pm at the last location, typically where we started.

We will email you all the specific details about locations 2 days before the workshop is due to take place, this allows us to factor in the best light and weather conditions for the session.

Please do note location will be Norwich city centre-based.

Essential kit

DSLR Camera

Spare Batteries and memory cards

Wide-angle and wide aperture lens will be beneficial although not essential

Sturdy tripod

Lens cleaning kit

Camera bag

Warm/waterproof clothes

Comfy footwear

Change for a snack or hot drink

Optional kit

Cable or radio release for the shutter

Star filter

Polarizer filter

2021-11-24. Norwich night photography photo walk. Wednesday 24th November 2021